IT Head Hunting

IT Hunter is the first Head Hunter specialized in searches of tech jobs. We search for commercial and technical positions, 17 years of experience endorse us and give us the security of knowing where the resources are looking for, finding and making available to your company the best talent in LATAM market. There are already more than 1,400 executives and professionals inserted by us in Chile and the Latam region. Our team is specialized in technology, our executives have held CIO positions for many years, which allows selecting executives and professionals who know how to use technology at the service of the business.

1| IT Executive Search

We stand out for finding CIOs and IT executives whose main characteristic is how they use technology to benefit the business. Today, it is fundamental and strategic to have the executives that transform IT management into a profitable area that tansforms and contributes to the development of the business. There are already hundreds of managers and assistant managers who have been inserted by us in various companies in Chile and the region, some of them standing out as the best CIO in the country. The search for executives such as business managers, account managers, business managers has been for years successful searches for IT and Telco companies.

2| IT Professional Search

It is not easy to find IT specialists. Every day the specialization of professionals is more segmented. We have been determined more than 50 positions between Applications, Infrastructure, Consulting, Processes, QA, PMO, Development, Support, Maintenance, Monitoring, Data Center. We know where they are, their potential and their aspirations for growth. We look for those specialists who know how to use technology for the benefit of the business. We have a regional network to search in any country for any country, mainly in the Latam region. Our search consultants are specialists in IT, this guarantees that the suggested resumes and CVs are real contributions for our clients.

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