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At IT HUNTER, you will find the next great leader to lead your organization to success.

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Evaluate your candidates and referrals

At IT HUNTER we focus on the effectiveness of the selection processes , which is why we are concerned with carrying out a deep and specific profile survey, in order to select the ideal candidate for the position, both at the level of skills to exercise the position, as well as from the cultural-organizational point of view.

Working in a cohesive way with clients allows us to know those specific aspects that they seek to investigate in each evaluation, carrying out a personalized work for each need.

We evaluate candidates comprehensively, using mixed psycho-labor evaluation methodologies defined together with each client and in relation to each position (Interviews by competencies, in-depth interviews, application of various psychological tests, identification of potential gaps, among others).

This service generally allows evaluating professionals associated with new hires, internal mobility, promotions, among others; accompanying the various processes of change typical of an organization.

We find the CIOs and Executives in the region  IT leading the transformation using technology for the benefit of the business.

We seek and find the best specialists in Applications , Infrastructure , Consulting , Processes, PMO, Development, Big Data, etc.

We support companies to recruit at the speed and volume required, given that we know where to look and how to filter.

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