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The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for establishing an IT strategy aligned with the organization's business and commercial plans, which contributes to the overall success of the company. With a clear and well-defined strategy, the organization can make the most of technology to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and achieve its business objectives.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a key role in any technology-dependent company's success. The CTO is responsible for leading the engineering team and implementing a technical strategy that enhances the final product. It's important to note that the CTO should not be confused with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), as their responsibilities are different. While the CIO is responsible for technologies, the CTO is responsible for the product.

The CTO is tasked with establishing an IT strategy aligned with the organization's business strategy. Additionally, they manage the company's IT professionals, maintaining, developing, and articulating the evolution of the company's technical strategy. They also establish action plans and protocols for IT incident management.

Continuously analyzing the best technological solutions in the market and executing an implementation strategy for the chosen ones is essential for the CTO. This enables the company to stay updated and competitive in an increasingly digitized business environment.

Another important task of the CTO is to attract, manage, and retain the company's technology talent. The CTO is considered a role model for this group of professionals, and it's crucial that they have strong leadership and team motivation skills.

The CTO is part of the company's strategic leadership and maintains a constant dialogue with the CEO. This ensures that the technical strategy is aligned with the overall goals of the organization and that the company succeeds in an increasingly competitive and technological business environment.

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