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The E-commerce Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing all activities related to e-commerce in a company. They are responsible for ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience and the success of online sales. They must have strong knowledge of the online market, technologies used, and leadership and strategic skills.

The E-commerce Manager is responsible for developing the online business model of a company and creating an effective online sales strategy. They must choose the appropriate e-commerce platforms, understand logistics processes, and manage the platforms. They also establish customer service policies, collaborate with the marketing manager on positioning and advertising strategies, devise promotional plans, and measure results. Typically, they work with a team to achieve established objectives.

To perform their job effectively, the E-commerce Manager must have a deep understanding of the online market and online shopping trends, as well as solid knowledge of tools and technologies used in online sales. Additionally, they need to be capable of identifying and resolving issues efficiently to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted purchasing process. Overall, the E-commerce Manager should possess leadership and strategic skills to drive e-commerce success within the company.

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