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Ruth Marín, BPO Advisor.jfif

Ruth Marin

"In my recruitment process, they not only interviewed me but also gave me advice, and they were very close. When they interviewed me they realized that I had experience and skills that were not shown in my resume. They gave me the necessary guidance to create a resume according to all those things that I had not captured and that made me valuable. They also accompanied me throughout the selection process. They were always aware of notifying me as the process progressed. 

I was in the company for a while working. Then another very good job offer came to me, and all those things that they advised me in the process I have applied to this day. "

Jesús de Pablo sales maneger.jfif

Jesus by Pablo Badilla

"From the first interview with the IT-Hunter team, one feels that one is being supported in achieving the main objective, which is to get that dream job, not only because in my case I made an industry change, but also because it was an important professional growth. The IT-Hunter team was always available, whether by mail, Whatsapp or call to answer my questions or just listen to my comments due to the anxiety of not having an answer on how the process has progressed.


That is why throughout the process I never felt alone, with your support I never doubted that I was the right one for the position and that it was also a tremendous opportunity, I have been in the new company for several months and I could not be happier with the support and the decision to take office.


Thanks to the IT-Hunter team, as an additional fact, I am still in contact with some of the recruiters since they were not only people I met, but they will be people who will always be in my thoughts for the good work and how close they were during the whole process."

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rodrigo rodriguez

"I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I had with the IT HUNTER executives during the selection process until my incorporation to Multiexport Foods."

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Marco Grandson

“For those things in life I came to IT HUNTER  through a publication like any other, however the experience with this Head Hunter  It was much more than what the name says, not only do they attract and install professionals in their clients, but they have a very close and friendly relationship with the applicants, they care about the progress of their processes and the well-being of people.”

Testimonio en IT-Hunter

Eduardo Andres Azocar Farias

"I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I had with the IT HUNTER executives during the selection process until my incorporation to Multiexport Foods."

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Gonzalo Bustos Love me

“My experience with IT HUNTER was very positive from the first call, having a very good treatment throughout the process, explaining and detailing the position they were looking for, being empathetic with the queries or doubts generated, maintaining constant feedback according to what was going on. advanced the process. I recommend them 100%, especially for the quality of their consultants, for the seriousness and discretion throughout the entire process that I had to participate in, a very professional, respectful consultant who demonstrates great knowledge of the sector and, most importantly, a post-concern concern. process since after a good time they contacted me to find out how I was doing in my current job.”

Testimonio en IT-Hunter

Cecilia Vega

"Since IT HUNTER contacted me to participate in a recruitment process, they guided me and clearly informed me of the entire cycle and stages of the entire process, despite the fact that as a country we were experiencing the explosion and once the job opportunity materialized, I They accompanied me at all times. They worried about making my entry into the new company pleasant and welcoming. They were very concerned throughout the process and post-hiring with periodic calls checking that as a new collaborator the expectations I had of the company were met and the company on me."

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