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Former executives, part-time or fixed-term, for an effective Transformation

In an ever-evolving and constantly adapting world, businesses encounter novel challenges, often of a strategic and intricate nature, demanding immediate attention. Confronting these challenges necessitates specialized and seasoned leadership, capable of navigating them effectively.

When such leadership is needed on a part-time or temporary basis, a fresh hiring paradigm becomes essential, one that serves the interests of both companies and this emerging category of managers:



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Who is it  Are they Interim Managers?

They are former executives who have had a successful professional career, working in front-line positions, in leading companies in their industry. They have at least 10 years of experience as a manager and/or deputy manager, leading large, highly complex and high impact initiatives.

These professionals have decided not to return to employment, as they have a relatively settled financial situation, but want to stay active and continue to contribute with their experience.

Benefits of hiring an Interim Managers

Although the situations that justify the hiring of an Interim Manager are varied, experience has led us to group them mainly into four:

Have experience and specific knowledge, validated by the extensive experience of the Interim Manager.


Results in less time, greater effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources.


Access to the network of contacts and relationship in the industry that the Interim Manager has.


Mentoring and coaching by the Interim Manager, to the company's internal staff .

Which  are the most frequent roles of an Interim Manager?

profesional masculino

Project leader

Leader of important projects or initiatives,  complex or strategic: Adoption of new technologies, opening of new facilities, change management, crisis management, etc.

Hombre en juego

Leader of an area or management  for a limited period of time, for various reasons: the sudden departure of the previous manager, the creation of a new area that requires someone experienced for training, pre + post natal replacement, etc.

Area Leader

Hombre en la oficina

Directors or Advisors

Directors or Advisors of the directory, where they contribute with their experience, knowledge and contact networks.

How is the process of incorporating an Interim Manager?

1. Based on the client's need, we verify together that it fits with the Interim Manager model. The required profile is defined.

2. Within approximately 2 to 3 days, we present 2 candidates from our Interim Managers base who fit the required profile and are available and interested in participating.

3. The client interviews with the candidates that seem suitable.

4. The selected Interim Manager starts his activities on a date according to the client's needs and the manager's availability.

5. The client signs a contract with IT HUNTER for the services of the Interim Manager , for the required term, the number of agreed monthly days and the daily rate.

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