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The best SAP talents at your disposal

IT HUNTER is a specialist in the area of Information Technology , we offer the outsourcing service of SAP consultants , these will be supported and attended by IT HUNTER .

The SAP consultant is hired by us to provide their services to the respective client, in this way, the latter saves all the administrative burden and takes care of their business and of delegating the work.

The subcontracting service allows us to expand the productive and operational capacity of our clients, as well as the following benefits:


  1. Conversion of fixed costs into variables.

  2. Incorporate new talents in a timely, expeditious and safe manner.

  3. Hire qualified and certified professionals for a limited period.

  4. Increased competitiveness, efficiency and flexibility.

  5. Risk reduction, fast, regulated and effective processes for the needs of computer projects of a limited duration and that cannot be addressed by members of the company's staff.

  6. Professionals with the necessary knowledge to carry out a task with immediate productivity are hired, no training is required.

  7. The client company must dedicate itself to the Core of the business and leave these highly specialized processes in the hands of an expert company such as IT Hunter , which are normally very difficult for internal selection areas to satisfy their internal client in a timely manner. SAP Talents are difficult to find and select since they do not normally enter job portals, which is why a large network of contacts is required for this type of service.

  8. The Selection of a SAP talent to work in Outsourcing modality, is not only difficult for an internal area of recruitment of the company, but also requires a lot of time to carry out this work, which generates a delay in other position selections.

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