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Cybersecurity Engineering

Professional who designs, implements and monitors information systems security and vulnerability plans, providing preventive and corrective solutions to strengthen the company's security.

The Cybersecurity Engineer is a professional prepared to design, implement and monitor security and vulnerability plans for information systems, providing preventive and corrective solutions to strengthen the information security and operational continuity of companies. In addition, you will be able to manage and evaluate cybersecurity projects. The career is aligned with occupational profiles defined by ChileValora, incorporated in the framework of professional technical qualifications of the MINEDUC; the skills of the graduate profile are developed under the SFIA skills framework (Skills Framework for the Information Age).

Those who graduate from cybersecurity engineering at a distance will be able to diagram, implement and monitor different information system security strategies. This implies the protection of information in the virtual plane: from personal information such as passwords for accounts on entertainment or banking websites, to the information hosted by the servers of said sites. Computer attacks are becoming more prevalent in today's world, and cybersecurity engineers are the gatekeepers of information.

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