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Headhunter highlights the relevance of English for technology professionals.

Did you know that 80% of the world's technology conferences and events are conducted in English? And that 75% of multinational and national companies require their executives to have at least an intermediate command of the language? This was highlighted in the XI ICT Salary Guide 2023 developed a few months ago by the consultancy firm IT Hunter, specialized in the search and selection of technology talents.

This study was based on information from the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023, and included conducting over six thousand job interviews and reviewing over 104 thousand resumes.

Benjamín Toselli, CEO of IT Hunter, states that English has become a key tool for success in the technology industry because it allows professionals to apply for countless jobs worldwide, access information and resources of interest, participate in events and conferences, and collaborate internationally.

According to the headhunter, among the main benefits that mastering this language provides to IT professionals are the following:

  1. Greater job opportunities. Many multinational and local technology companies are always looking for executives and specialists with intermediate or advanced English proficiency. Therefore, professionals who have a solid command of the language are more likely to succeed when applying for positions in such companies, as well as to access better salaries.

  2. Presence in international events. 80% of technology events and conferences worldwide are conducted in English, and a good portion of the communities addressing this topic also do so in that language. "Those who do not master English miss out on opportunities to acquire new knowledge, expand professional contacts, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends," says Benjamin Toselli.

  3. Access to relevant information and resources. Much of the technical material on technology - such as reports, studies, tutorials, and online forums, among others - is available in English.

  4. An effective way to connect with the world. Given the advancement of telecommuting and video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams, to name a few, IT professionals often collaborate and interact with teams distributed in different countries and continents, making it crucial to master the English language.

  5. Increases dissemination capacity. Speaking and writing in English facilitates the task of IT specialists in sharing their knowledge with a larger audience, whether through opinion articles, blogs, or presentations.

  6. Boosts software development. English is present in many computer programs and programming languages, as well as in frameworks and libraries on the subject. Likewise, working on open-source projects entails technology professionals interacting and discussing issues in English, more effectively.

Furthermore, the executive mentions that many US companies are hiring IT specialists in Chile who have a High Intermediate level of English (B2), offering them salaries 30% higher than those paid in our country to those who do not master that language.


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