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"The technological roles that Artificial Intelligence will demand the most."

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will generate a high demand for technology professionals in the coming years.

Benjamin Toselli, CEO of IT Hunter, explains that AI is based on algorithms and mathematical models that enable machines to process information and make decisions. Essentially, these are systems designed to learn from experience, gather data, and perform certain tasks autonomously.

"To make the above a reality, it requires the knowledge and skills of IT specialists, whose net incomes can range from 2.8 to 7.5 million pesos per month," says the talent scout.

Toselli expresses that, given the growth AI is experiencing and is expected to continue to experience in the short and medium term, the profiles that the market will demand most in this field will be the following:

  1. Data Engineer: This is the professional whose work revolves around building and maintaining the data infrastructure required for storing, processing, and accessing vast amounts of information.

  2. Machine Learning Engineer: This specialist is dedicated to designing, implementing, and optimizing machine learning algorithms. They focus on developing AI models and integrating them into systems and applications.

  3. Data Scientist: Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and processing data to develop AI models. These professionals use machine learning and statistical techniques to extract valuable information from data and create predictive algorithms.

  4. Artificial Intelligence Developer: Their responsibility is to create AI-based applications and systems. Their work is focused on implementing AI models in products and services to solve specific problems.

  5. Artificial Intelligence Scientist: Specialists focused on researching and developing advanced AI algorithms. They work on the cutting edge, exploring new techniques and approaches to improve the performance of AI systems.

  6. Natural Language Processing Engineer: A profile dedicated to the development of algorithms and systems capable of understanding and generating human language, used in applications such as chatbots and automatic translation, among others.

  7. Cybersecurity Specialist: Since AI involves handling a lot of sensitive and valuable information, this field will require experts in computer security to prevent, for example, data breaches.

  8. Computer Vision Engineer: A professional specialized in image and video processing through computer vision algorithms. They work on applications related to facial recognition and object detection, among others.

  9. Data Manager: The person responsible for data management in the company. This role ensures the efficient and effective operation and use of information.

The IT Hunter executive points out that it is likely that new profiles required in the field of AI will emerge over time, so the demand for IT professionals will continue to increase.

"Additionally, it is worth noting that AI is a multidisciplinary field, so experts in areas such as AI ethics, AI-related law, and regulation, among others, will also be in demand," Toselli asserts.


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